Private Villa at Al khoud

The garden is conceptually divided into five different zones of which two are located in the front garden and three are located in the back garden. The Arrival Zone and the Public Function Zone in the front garden are both of a large scale and symmetrical in their design. This way they connect to the grandness and the importance of the villa and elevate it.

The back garden is divided in a Falaj Garden, a Formal Family Garden and a Wadi Garden. The formal family garden follows the symmetrical set up of the arrival in the front and the house itself. The connection to the house is of relevance and following this the spaces are still relatively big yet more designed to a human scale.

The size of the garden (ca 40.000 m2) challenged us in its scale and orientation. The solution of dividing the garden in different spaces created for us the challenge to keep it all together at the same time.

Design stage: Concept Design 2016